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Daddy, when I grow up I want to go to Congress and then leverage my position there into a lucrative lobbying career

One could argue that corruption is inevitable in any institution. There are always incentives for people to utilize bribery, extortion, or influence in order to attain their objectives. When the institution in question governs a nation with some of the … Continue reading

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Be More Primal

Evolution is a intensely gradual process. Millions of years of selective breeding and natural selection decide our biological make-up, and affect our metabolism, digestion, and required diet. Such sluggish changes have been no match to the agricultural revolution that has … Continue reading

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Numbers Don’t Lie, but People Do

Numbers Don’t Lie, but People Do To anyone who followed US elections over the last few years, Nate Silver’s reputation precedes him. A renowned statistician and journalist, Silver has been lauded for his predictive acumen, which he has applied to … Continue reading

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Does Bo’s conviction mean there is still hope for justice in China?

Death of a Salesmen and the Downfall of Bo Xilai Only a few years ago Bo Xilai was one of the most powerful men in China.  The son of Bo Yibo, one of the eight elders of the Communist party, Bo Xilai … Continue reading

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