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Buy Low, Sell High

A year ago, Colorado and Washington became the first states in the Union to legalize recreational marijuana use. They are not alone. Twenty other states currently endorse the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As is the case with any … Continue reading

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China’s Military Complex

China’s military might is nothing to scoff at. Estimates put its annual military budget at around 160 billion dollars. While their expenditures are less than a quarter of what the United States spends every year, their military development continues to … Continue reading

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Ted Cruz: An Extremist with an Impressive Education

Many on the left, including myself, have a certain disdain for Senator Ted Cruz, an extreme conservative from Texas who is largely credited with being responsible for the government shutdown. Many liberals I know have referred to him as an … Continue reading

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The Future of the Middle Kingdom

Beijing, China – January, 2013 Examining the prospects of the People’s Republic of China as a 21st century economic power requires a brief understanding of its history. A millennium ago China was a world power, equivalent in influence and wealth … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Science

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